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A retailer faces a lot of issues while setting up the sales point. They include: search for architect for premises design, search for contractor for premises repair, search for contractor for retail equipment production, search for contractor for advertising construction production, registration and permission documentation, brand portfolio specification, staff searching and training. At that, it is necessary not only to find a contractor, but also hold a tender for the lowest price determination, as there is always a lack of resources. Moreover, a compliance with deadlines is required, because, as known, time is money. The process turns into a continuous rush and time is lost for contractor searching. The contractors, working at their own sites, do not often observe the deadlines, and, as a rule, a required work consistency is lost. The irony is that even in case of the lowest price setting, the project costs increase due to general rush and inconsistence, resulting in loss of time and sometimes leading to unforeseen costs at the stage of funds allocation. Importance of SOLVE.EXPERT involves a complex solution for set tasks and work stages coordination required for sales point setting up.

SOLVE.EXPERT is responsible for complex timely setting up of sales point providing the best market price for products and services satisfying all up-to-date requirements related to quality of the applied materials and technologies.

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