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Interior advertising is a type of advertising placed inside the premises and at the sales points, as well as is a part of internal design, and improves sales point operation. There are the following options of interior advertising application: sign-plates (can be placed in shopping malls and business centers), information stands, racks and shelves for products, mobile stands, pasting of retail equipment with color promo materials... Interior advertising can be 3D and plain.

The examples of interior 3D advertising are as follows: sign-plates, boxes, letters, logos of various shapes decorated using illumination.

Plain interior advertising includes: printed materials on paper or adhesive foil with further transfer them into acryl or metal, glass or wooden surface.

Quality of materials and works performed has to be perfect, as the whole construction can be examined in details by visitors due to minimal distance.

Interior advertising is designed for a specific target audience, and has to be in compliance with their tastes and preferences.


SOLVE.EXPERT produces the following types of interior advertising:

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