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Interior Sign-Plates Production

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Interior sign-plate (internal) is one of the types of interior advertising. Usually, such sign-plates include company’s name and logo, and are located near the entrance or in the waiting areas for visitors. These sign-plates are appropriate for stores, offices, shopping malls and business centers to indicate a company’s location.

To produce them, a milling and laser equipment is used, making the work more accurate and exact.

The main requirement is a full compliance to a corporate style, as well as natural combination with premises design. The objectives are promotional and informational.

SOLVE.EXPERT produces the following types of interior sign-plates:
  1. Non-light interior sign-plates. They are made of acrylic glass, aluminum, stainless steel with ability of vinyl films pasting or color modification by means of powder coating, as well as of wood. Material thickness and processing peculiarities produce an effect of volume.
  2. Light interior sign-plates. For their production the following materials are used: vinyl chloride, organic glass, stainless steel. For illumination, the LEDs and neon of various colors are applied with frontage and contour types of lighting.
  3. Light box is a rectangular sign-plate. The informational panel of such interior sign-plates is made of acryl in combination with full-color printing or appliqué ornament. Illumination options are as follows: neon, fluorescent lamps and LEDs.
  4. Light panel is one of the types of light sign-plates using display letters or plain ones. A frontage of such models is made of acryl used in combination with full-color banner or appliqué ornament.

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