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Light and Non-Light Panels

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Light and non-light panels are used both for external and internal design of retail premises.

Non-light panels advantages: production simplicity and rate, price, color diversity, resistance to weather conditions.

Light panels advantages: bright and clearly seen image at any time of the day. Panels are manufactured using LED module (interior illumination) and spotlights, as well as economic, halogen or metalohalogen lamps (exterior illumination). While producing a sigh-plate, take a note of placement, size, brightness and shape of nearby sign-plates of the opponents.

SOLVE.EXPERT produces the following types of light sign-plates:

Lightboxes – one of the most widespread types of exterior advertising with illumination by means of LED modules;

Framelight – the light panels inside an aluminum shape. In the course of their production, special technologies for light-diffusing plastic processing are used, resulting in even illumination. The main advantages are: simple replacement of images, energy efficiency, and brightness up to 2000 cd/m2. In most cases, they act as a trendy advertisement, e.g., the displays and previews of posters, menus and announcements.

Acrylic light panels – are made of 5 mm acryl using light engraving technology.

Crystal light panels – are the thinnest light panels that are widespread in bars, cafes, bank windows, sales points ... Their advantages are: at least 2 cm in thickness, lightness and operating convenience, brightness, energy efficiency, ability of one- / double-sided modification. Their size is up to 2.50 × 1.8 m.

FT – economic light panels. Made of light-diffusing plastic. Their surface is covered with 1 mm protective transparent plastic. The advantages are thinness (at least 18 mm), brightness, click system, and energy efficiency.

Non-light advertising signboards include:

• Plain signboards – non-light or with exterior illumination;

• Information plates – made of plastic and aluminum. Used at the entryways, office doors, sales points, bars, and cafes.

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