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PROSTOR. POS-materials

POS-materials are the components of promotional design used for drawing customers’ and visitors’ attention to a provided range of products and services. According to their placement, POS-materials are categorized as follows: exterior (standers, brackets, and pavement graphics), checkstand (suspended, desktop, price holders), materials for entrance lobby (stickers, signs, product carts).

A range of their application is rather wide: various sales points, public catering facilities, banks, fuel stations, pharmacy chains. They are required in retail spaces of various sectors, as they fulfill a wide range of functions.

POS-materials provide a customer with information on various types of products, their benefits, as well as enable to display a store’s product range, and, as a result, they undertake an informative mission. POS – materials illustrate product availability in the store and help to find them. So, they provide a navigation function. Retail space zoning can be ensured by means of promotional POS – materials. They also give reason to the customers for purchasing, as they heathen clients’ interest in products and services.

SOLVE.EXPERT produces POS-materials of various levels of complexity.

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