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Production and Installation of Retail Equipment

Retail Equipment

Retail equipment fulfils several functions: presentation, storage and disposal of products.

The following materials for retail equipment production are used by SOLVE.EXPERT: chipboard, medium-density fiberboard, solid wood, veneer and glass, mirrors, aluminum shapes and LEDs. A type of production materials is specified by you together with equipment designer and engineer. Our experts will help you to choose the best option due to your business needs.

We also manufacture a customized furniture taking into account space planning, operation peculiarities, and preferences related to pricing policy... The company provides different pricing options depending on process complexity and materials used.

SOLVE.EXPERT list of services include design, production and installation of retail equipment.

SOLVE.EXPERT provides the following retail equipment:
  1. Exhibition cases, counters and display racks.
  2. Tables and stands for products.
  3. Receptions.
  4. Furniture for children play areas in the stores.
  5. Furniture for waiting areas in the stores and banks.
  6. Furniture for HoReCa (restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants, hotels etc.): bar counters, tables, chairs…
 Prostor. Retail Equipment  Retail Equipment
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