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Store Navigation System

Today, the stores, in particular, the supermarkets, are a place where one can buy anything at once. As they are multipurpose, the square of stores’ spaces increases, resulting in complexities while navigating. To provide the customers with easy navigation in retail spaces, a navigation system has been developed.

Often, there are the maps of the entire store divided into areas and sectors. These plans and maps are essential in the large shopping malls and business centers to provide easy navigation in the premises. Their appropriate location is crucial – the maps should be placed near the main entrance and subsidiary entrances/exits of the building, at the crossings of basic passages, as well as at every building floor. They have to contain the marks indicating customer’s current location. It enables to determine easily the possible ways to move.

Generally, a navigation system is developed in such a way that customers are provided with information on specified directions to move, the premises are numbered, and information on product location is provided in the form of tablets, arrows, and information pillars. A navigation system is developed taking into account possible modifications and easy replacement of informational components.


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